Hi all, I am the Autistic Artist behind these relaxing videos I create to help me reconnect with the real world.

“Mermaids can walk, but can’t talk” Yes I have feet, I am a real mermaid, and in real life, also find it difficult to speak.

I am Juliana Payson, and as Onnaloves I create these artistic videos of my cathartic swimming underwater to illustrate my usual routines of cleansing my mind.

In real-life, I have held down careers, I have done speaking competitions and pitches in front of international audiences. These are some of my successes in real life.

I want to come at it from the perspective of what it feels like living as an Autistic person. “Wired differently” is not adequate, as the analogy relates to simply untangling the DC rat’s nest on the printed circuit board and coming up with the same circuit. It doesn’t really give an allistic person any clue as to what it feels like living in our brains.

I make visual-somatic ASMR videos based on my experience of the world. And I decided to explain what that feels like to engage allistic people hopefully with more patience to understanding their Autistic peers…

I’m Juliana Payson, an autistic adult who goes by the name Onnaloves for my autistic lifestyle antics and art.

I love to play, these visuals I created are my day-to-day playing I do to balance looking after myself as an autistic adult. You can click through to the video to read the article embedded in the closed captions:

I’m 43 years old, I matured late in life, I realized I had an autistic experience of the world after hitting complete burnout 2 years ago. My Burnout was a severe mental illness that unbeknownst as an Autistic person I was…

Stainz Auf Los Angeles, Die Stadt der Engel, lost in translation!

Here is a strange story. Made moreso because I will write in both languages for both my Global Audience, and to thank the locals of a German-speaking village that we have just moved to. Wir kommt hier zu die schönen Dorf von Stainz auf der Megatropolis Stadt der Engel, L.A. Beverly Hills. This article will be written in my best pigeon language of Österreich deutsche und English, since I’m writing to bridge the transition of a very different lifestyle and thank the people von Stainz für ihren Großzügigkeit generosity.

The internet is a vast way to lose myself, for it is easier to bury who I am under the glitch noise it presents than ever try to explain how I lost everything to begin with. I’m going to brave-it-up in this article and explain how I forgot who I was in order that I can rise from the ashes of those memories like the Chinese Phoenix, the Feng. In order that I can Feng Shui myself forward, I want to shake off the dirt.

In the previous article I explained how I was plucked out of the Internet to…

6 weeks ago I was a hacker, keeping my skills underground while enjoying a high-performance athletic lifestyle challenging my bionic hip here in California. In 2 weeks I join an entreprenuer-industrialist to meet and greet with his auto-aviation ecosystem and scout for my new home in Austria.

“I Turned Down Cirque Du Soleil” /(^o^)\

Do you even know who CyberYoga is? Not that you should, but if you’re in awe of the diversity of human talent we see exploding all over instagram, I am actually proud to say that I know one of these social natives inhabiting the world of superhuman. Lamonte Goode, otherwise known as CyberYoga on Instagram is a deft one-armed bandit baddass at hand balancing.

We were catching up with one-another on Facebook, and in the throes of Instant Messaging he dropped a bomb on me: “I just turned down an 18 month gig…

Juliana Payson

Autistic Film Editor

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