I’m Juliana Payson, an autistic adult who goes by the name Onnaloves for my autistic lifestyle antics and art.

I love to play, these visuals I created are my day-to-day playing I do to balance looking after myself as an autistic adult. …

Stainz Auf Los Angeles, Die Stadt der Engel, lost in translation!

Here is a strange story. Made moreso because I will write in both languages for both my Global Audience, and to thank the locals of a German-speaking village that we have just moved to. Wir kommt hier zu die…

“I Turned Down Cirque Du Soleil” /(^o^)\

Do you even know who CyberYoga is? Not that you should, but if you’re in awe of the diversity of human talent we see exploding all over instagram, I am actually proud to say that I know one of these social natives inhabiting…

Juliana Payson

Autistic Film Editor

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