• Sean Melvin

    Sean Melvin

    Law Firm Finance Systems Consultant and Lecturer - tweet weekly about things that interest me and hopefully you. I DON'T BUY TWITTER FOLLOWERS!

  • Christine DeGraff

    Christine DeGraff

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Jeremy Roberts

    Husband | Dad x3 | VP, Customer Experience at HiringSolved | Recruiting & Sourcing Pro | Coffee Lover | Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)

  • Cathy Reinking

    Cathy Reinking

    20 Years in the Casting Trenches (Emmy-Winning Network TV, film, theatre, web). Photographer, Writer #TheRealMan #HowToBookActingJobs on Amazon/iTunes

  • tpr2


    Dad to 3 with a goal to have 5. Owned Real Estate, Financial Plan & Mortgage Broking firms in Oz & NZ Ran my first Marathon at age 13. Attraction Architect Now

  • JJ Effect

    JJ Effect

    I've decided to start paying attention

  • Gisele Waters, Ph.D.

    Gisele Waters, Ph.D.

    Bold, edgy, spicy, full-bodied with a hint of sugar leveraging human centered design research to operationalize prevention diagnostics.

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